Having established an extensive and satisfied client base, here is just a small sample of what our customers have to say about us!

  • If we could leave more than 100% and 5 stars we would, as we are so very happy with the service carried out by Phil.
    I’m disabled and am a single mum. My son is grown but he’s my carer so he lives for his Gaming PC, so when it suddenly stopped working on Sunday last week, I was in a dilemma and needed someone to help get it going again!
    I looked online and Phil’s website attracted me, as he’s fairly local to me and also I’m a purple fan, so I gave him a ring and after speaking to this wonderful man, I just knew I had found the right person for the job.
    From start to finish, (as we now have it back) Phil went out of his way to help resolve the problem, and even fixed things that we didn’t know about!
    We received a Purple Goody bag and I’m using the purple iPad stand as I sit here writing this, as it matches my purple iPad perfectly!
    My son is over the moon with his PC, he says it’s working better than it ever did, and I can’t thank Phil enough for all his kindness and help, shown to us!
    I’ll definitely be recommending him to all my family and friends and sharing the website on Facebook!

    Lisa Matthews
  • Our Macbook had crashed and Apple had said that the old data could not be recovered.

    One thing about Phil, he never takes no for an answer, and tenaciously set about recovering and restoring all our photos and documents.

    In my opinion, Phil knows more about Apple Mac computers than the Apple Help desk crowd!

    Ian Allard
  • In 2014 a scam phone call resulted in my giving control of my computer to the scammer, which was then locked up. They wanted payment – I refused to give my bank details. My computer remained locked.  A friend recommended Big Phil Computers.  He unlocked my computer and gave it a full “service” – worked much quicker afterwards than it had previously.

    Since then, I always go to Phil when I have any problem with the computer.  He always sorts it out and it always works much more quickly after he has performed his “magic”

    On the rare occasions that there are any issues afterwards, he is very quick to resolve them.

    I don’t know what I would do without him – can’t recommend him highly enough


    Sue Cotty
  • Had ongoing problems with my iMac that became progressively impossible to run the machine.
    Phil took the time understand the problems and offer a solution. He also put all my other devices in sync. Perfect!

    Steve Clarke
  • Phil and his team of family helpers are great to deal with. Phil repaired my laptop that hadn’t been looked at for about 10 years for a very modest sum. It is faster than I think it ever was and have been coached in what to do and not to do to keep the thing running smoothly.

    I am no wiser now than I was when I went to have my problem solved, on the mysteries of computers but I didn’t want a lesson I wanted it fixed and fixed it was.

    Phil is not a chap who one could accuse of false modesty, but he is kept under control by his daughters. I will continue to use his service and can recommend him to anyone with a computer.

    John Byrne
  • Just to say a big thank you to Phil. He went the extra mile to sort out the significant operating issues on my (oldish) Ipad2. He has such a wealth of experience that he was able to sort out the problems where the Apple Help Line couldn’t. It’s five stars from me.

    Lawrence Lea
  • I would really recommend Big Phil’s Computers. My laptop was broken and having phoned a few places to be told ‘That is not a repair we do’, made me think that I would have to buy a new laptop. However Phil’s answer was ‘Yes not a problem, I can fix that’. Not only did Phil fix my laptop, he also updated it’s systems so it is now working much better than before. Thanks Phil I really appreciated your help.

    Rachel Stacey
  • What a man. A very highly professional technician, My PC was a mess. Big Phil sorted it and gave me back a much better pc than I had. I can very highly recommend Big Phil computers, he explains things that are easy to understand, and he is also very funny.

    Christopher Boast
  • With Big Phil you actually get what you pay for and more so.

    Highly skilled with clearly huge knowledge and experience and totally committed to resolving the problem to his complete satisfaction. I will go nowhere else.

    John Knowles
  • My computer crashed one Saturday evening and I was desperate.

    I rang Big Phil Computers Sunday morning and he told me to bring it straight round.  Phil worked on it solidly all day Sunday and through to Tuesday.

    Phil rebuilt it to a far better spec than I previously had, reinstalled all my software, and left me with a computer infinitely faster and more stable than it ever was and at a very reasonable cost.

    This service is absolutely fantastic. Phil is extremely knowledgeable, thorough and conscientious, I simply cannot recommend him highly enough.

    Mr K Froom
  • After you have recovered from the shock of your first meeting with Big Phil, you will find a man who lives computers and is a complete expert in his chosen field.

    Peter Cornish
  • Service above and beyond the call of duty is a phrase used but rarely achieved.

    The purchase of a refurbished computer, transferring all data from the old to the new and ensuring that all items worked as required (a task normally not possible with any windows product) was achieved through knowledge, expertise and determination on Phil’s part to succeed.

    All of this at a price which puts the market to shame.

    I would recommend Big Phil Computers to anyone for anything computer related or just if you like a constant stream of awful jokes!

    Richard Rosser
  • This man is a treasure! I was so lucky to find Big Phil Computers. He has sorted out all of my Apple and IT problems, and can remote access your computer if you ever need instant help, it just needs a very quick set up. I can have peace of mind being a very nervous computer person of whom I turn to. Cannot recommend Phil and his services enough. fantastic support

    Julia Newell
  • You will find no better than Phil. Professional and expert at what he does. cost competitive, a Perfectionist and never gives up without extra cost and within budget. what more can i say, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

    Mel White
  • I found Big Phil Computers via Google last autumn after realising another computer support company in surrey was not providing support for the money spent. I heartily recommend Big Phil as he has been excellent in terms of service and price in maintaining my desktop computer and advising me on operating systems, applications, security and folder hierarchy.

    Phil is personable and most importantly, thorough in his attention to detail in computer set up and operation.

    Stanley K Ross
  • Phil at Big Phil Computers is a technical expert.

    Phil put so much effort and work into getting my computer mended, and above all, is honest and professional.

    The work was completed at a very reasonable rate, and I have total confidence in the work carried out.

    I would not hesitate in recommending Big Phil Computers for all computer needs.

    Daniel Beale
  • Not only did Phil identify and fix several hardware, software and maintenance problems but he has created for me a highly sophisticated but totally user friendly environment across my entire communications platform.

    In my mind he has many qualities, besides having what is probably the finest working knowledge of the mobile market, the two main attributes he demonstrates are that he will never give up and no problem will phase him.

    Corporate or individual, I heartily recommend his skills and services to you.

    Des Lee – F.BCS, F.IMIS
  • If you have problems with your IT equipment you can confidently entrust them to Phil at Big Phil Computers.
    His many years of experience are very soon obvious, as is his love of and pride in his work.
    What you get is honest and straightforward answers, solutions where possible and suggestions for you to consider; no pressure, no gimmicks, no frills.
    Phil can talk techie or layman’s language and you soon realise you can trust him.
    Wish I’d discovered him sooner.

    Cheryl, Byfleet.
  • Big Phil combines long experience with an “open all hours” attitude and a robust approach to call centres.

    His detailed knowledge of electronic devices, such as tablets, mobile phones and computers provides an invaluable, flexible service to people like me.

    Thank you Phil


    Mary Kearney
  • Big Phil successfully sorted my Mac Book Pro.

    It was running so slowly that it was impossible to use.

    Big Phil was recommend by a previous customer through a social media site and I am grateful for that recommendation.

    Big Phil took time and care to explain to me what he was doing and why and for a novice, it was ideal. His rates are very reasonable and I would not hesitate to recommend him.

    Hugh Montgomerie
  • I was introduced to Phil at Big Phil Computers in 2013 after I was badly let down by my computer support company at that time.

    Phil did a fantastic job for Holt Maritime in sorting numerous problems and he has always reacted quickly to requests for prompt action.

    I am very happy to recommend Phil to anyone – his price is reasonable and the quality of his work is excellent. I am very grateful for his support and I wish him well.

    Roger Holt
  • I rang Phil in need of help and he went the extra mile, completely sorting out our mess of an office network!! We now have an efficient computer system that works so much quicker and more professionally than ever before!

    Thanks Phil.

    I would definitely recommend Big Phil Computers.

    Catherine Wright on behalf of Chobham Parish Council
  • Over a rapid period, my Laptop started running slower and slower and finally ground to a halt.
    No amount of virus scans or system restores had any effect and my laptop is a vital part of my life.

    Most said that my problems could not be fixed, but a friend suggested I try Big Phil Computers.

    My expectations were exceeded.

    Corporate or individual, I heartily recommend his skills and services to you.

    Des Lee – F.BCS, F.IMIS
  • I’m so impressed with Phil that I’ve had him work on my very elderly parents machines remotely in Portugal, where he’s sorted out anti-virus, cleared a load of clutter, got the machines working quickly again, and will be servicing and maintaining them for me, using a very simple, utterly secure remote system, that even my mum, who is totally incompetent with IT, can operate.

    Amanda Fisackerly
  • Big Phil has been a great support to me in providing all my technical support when I recently moved house. Helping me arrange broadband installation and negotiating rates. Phil has saved me a considerable amount of time and money as well as taking away a lot of stress – thanks Phil!

    Ms Gray
  • Phil has been a great support to my wife and I, firstly repairing our Laptop when it stopped working, but also providing great advice on service providers saving us a considerable sum money annually.

    Mr Daly
  • Phil is particularly good helping elderly or technically-challenged people, explaining things simply and in words normal people understand. – Simply outstanding.

    Amanda Fisackerly
  • Having used Big Phil’s services when I was running my own business, he provided technical support to our network of 6 machines. Now retired and living 50% of the year in Spain, Phil still provides technical support remotely whenever I need him both in Spain or the UK.
    I don’t know what I would do without him!

    Ms Harris
  • I have been using Big Phil’s services for the past 10 years. He is a trustworthy gentleman, who I would now consider a friend as well as my technical support adviser.

    Mrs Armitage
  • I have a complicated set-up with multiple devices and locations, a mish-mash of machines, operating systems, printers and stuff and he has unscrambled it all, cleared and sorted it out, made everything work faster and in sync with all the various pieces, all very quickly, and very reasonably.

    Amanda Fisackerly
  • As an ex Corporate CIO with Lloyds of London, Unilever and others I have spent the last 50 years working with some of the finest professionals that the IT industry has to offer and Big Phil is in that league.

    Corporate or individual, I heartily recommend his skills and services to you.

    Des Lee – F.BCS, F.IMIS
  • Came to my house to fix my computer. Did all the updates, fixed all the problems and speeded up the performance. Also added some free software for antivirus, trojans, malware and unwanted adverts.

    Ms Willis
  • Phil Hall of Big Phil Computer provides excellent IT support, for PC, Mac, tablets and mobiles. His knowledge is vast, experience superb and he can solve the simplest to most complex of IT-related problems.

    Amanda Fisackerly
  • Home laptop blue screened and didn’t know where to go. Big Phil recovered my data
    and got me back up and running in 24 hours! – Excellent service.

    Mrs Ayres