The reason for purple

Big Phil Computers branding is renowned for the colour purple. Come and visit us and you will receive a purple pen, a purple business card, a purple ice scraper and even a purple fridge magnet, but why?

Well, not only is it the favourite colour of Big Phil, the proprietor, but it is a positive, attractive colour that we believe is welcoming, and as the colour purple also represents wisdom…. how wise is Big Phil ?……

Want to know a bit more about the colour purple…well here is some interesting information……

The Colour Psychology of Purple

Colour psychology suggests that colours can have a powerful impact on our moods and even behaviours.

Each colour supposedly has its own effect, but the feeling that each colour produces can vary based upon experience and culture.

Purple is one colour that can lead to differing feelings and associations.

How does the colour purple make you feel? People often describe this colour as mysterious, spiritual, and imaginative.

Purple tends to occur rarely in nature, so it is viewed as rare and intriguing.

While violet occurs naturally in the visible spectrum, purple is actually a combination of blue and red.

The colours blue and red make purple


Purple Is Often Seen as royal, a symbol of wealth and power and it was the colour of choice for tickets to Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation in 1953.

In ancient times, creating dyes to colour fabric often required a great deal of effort and expense, especially for certain colours.
Because purple is less common in nature, the resources needed to create a dye in this colour were much harder to come by and much more expensive.

For this reason, the colour purple became associated with wealth and royalty because very often the rich were the only individuals who could afford such expensive items.

During the 15th century, the city of Tyre along the coast of Ancient Phoenicia began producing purple dye by crushing the shells of a small sea snail.

The resulting colour became known as Tyrian purple and was so well-known it was mentioned in Homer’s Iliad and Virgil’s Aeneid.

Alexander the Great and the kings of Egypt also wore clothing coloured with the famous Tyrian purple.

Tyrion Purple clothing worn in Roman times

Purple also represents wisdom and spirituality.

It’s rare and mysterious nature perhaps causes it to seem connected to the unknown, supernatural, and divine.

Purple in spirituality

In the U.S., the Purple Heart is one of the highest honours for bravery in military service.

Purple Heart Medal

In writing, the phrase ‘purple prose’ is sometimes used to describe writing that his extremely imaginative or even prone to exaggeration, hyperbole, or outright lies.

The Purple Prose Bear

At Phil’s place there is is nice warm atmosphere with a fantastic view of the garden and surrounding countryside, and we love nature… check out these beautiful purple flowers, photographed by one of my valued customers….


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