Compaq Tablet PC TC1100

Review Summary 2003

HP juiced up its new Compaq Tablet PC TC1100 today, adding many of the improvements we sought in the old TC1000. Upgrades include a 1GHz Pentium M processor, which leads to better performance and longer battery life; a battery-free writing stylus; and sturdier hinges and latches. Thankfully, HP didn’t change the tablet’s basic design: at 3.1 pounds, it’s still small and easy to tote. Although a few quirks remain in the form of a small, snap-on keyboard and a costly docking station, the TC1100 stands as one of the best tablets available for both home and business users.

The 3.1-pound, 10.8-by-8.3-by-0.8-inch Compaq Tablet PC TC1100 is one of the smallest and lightest slate-design tablets available. Clip on the 1-pound, detachable keyboard, and it resembles a 4.1-pound ultralight laptop with a twist: the tablet rotates 180 degrees, allowing others to view presentations without having to turn the whole system around. The keyboard can also twist and hide behind the tablet, and the entire setup snaps into a 7.2-pound docking station/monitor stand that features a swappable bay for secondary storage drives.

Unfortunately, the detachable keyboard will cramp your style, but you can always attach a full-size keyboard into a USB 2.0 port on the tablet or the docking station. And if you plan to write and tap on the screen with only the stylus, you can leave the small keyboard behind.

By the end of 2005, HP had discontinued the TC1100. It retained a loyal following, however, due to its uncommon design. HP’s official response to questions asked about the TC1100’s discontinuation was that “HP remains committed to the Tablet PC platform”.[1]

HP released a new line of tablets, starting with the TX1100US and the TX1200US.

These updated versions are substantially more powerful than the TC series, but are of the more conventional convertible design.

Back in 2003 this machine would have retailed for $2200 which is the equivilant to $2800 dollars at the time of writing this post in 2015, or £1877.

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